A decentralized Revenue Sharing Exchange

Earn BCO Tokens while trading with us.
  • 0% Trading Fee
  • Earn Revenue
  • 100% Fair for All

What is BCO Token?

BCO Token is a base token on platform which will be used to reward users when they trade. For each trade user will get 25% reward in BCO Token.These tokens can easily be converted into BTC or any other trading pair on our exchange.

Early Access

Join Now and Earn 500 BCO of Value $100. You’ll also earn 50 BCO for each friend you invite to the network.So what are you waiting for..

How it Works?

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Token Structure

Cost of 1 token BCO: 0.2 $
Term of Revenue Share: 25% of token for each trade .
Token for Singup: 500 BCO
Technical limitation of tokens: 300,000,000
Tokens for each Referral: 50 BCO
Main Trading Markets: BTC,ETH,BCO
Reserved for Revnue Share
Referral Program
Founders and Team
«Bounty» campaign


July 2019
Early Access Registrations
September 2019
Development of the Revenue Sharing Model for Exchange
Jaunary 2020
Trading Platform Live BCO Pairs
August 2019
Social Media Campaign
December 2019
Trading Platform Live (beta) BTC Pair

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BTCOW.Trade?

BTCOW.Trade is a decentralized revenue sharing 0 trade fee exchange where users can earn BCO tokens while trading different cryptocurrencies.

How BTCOW.Trade will earn money?

Although we are a 0 trading fee exchange we will not earn anything from our users instead for each trade exchange will earn 10% of tokens.

What about trading fees?

Absolutely 0% trading fee will be charged from users.

Why should I sign up for early access?

Early birds will get 500 BCO Tokens of worth 100$ also 50 BCO Tokens for each referral

How is revenue paid?

The revenue will be paid out via smart contract into your exchange wallet

Do you have a prototype?

Currently we are working on it will be ready by Dec 2019